mapa všetkých miest kde sa konala konferencia CSGT


The conference starts on Monday 3 June 2019 with lunch and ends on Friday 7 June 2019 with lunch. The scientific programme of the conference will consist of lectures by invited speakers and contributed talks. Time limit for the contributed talks is 20 minutes. The conference languages are English, Slovak and Czech; it is recommended to accompany non-English talks with presentations written in English.

The abstracts of the talks will be available in the abstract booklet.

For lectures and talks, a data projector with a laptop (file formats that are acceptable for a presentation: .ppt, .pdf, .ps), a black/white-board or a flipchart will be available in the lecture room.

As usual, the conference programme includes a trip planned for Wednesday afternoon.

A preliminary version of the conference programme will be available one week before the conference.